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Klaine with Finn drabble

Title : What did I do wrong?
Rating : G 
Pairing : Kurt / Blaine
Spoilers : 3x04
Summary : Kurt gets worried when Blaine is late after school. he gets a text from him that says he's in the choir room. Kurt finds his boyfriend hidden in a corner behind chairs. It turns out that Finn is the reason why Blaine is feeling so down.
A/N : This is a sort of reaction drabble to Finn cutting out Blaine again in tonight's episode. I'm franckly tired of Finn's attitude towards Blaine and I just had to write about it. 

‘What am I doing wrong Kurt?’ Blaine barely whispers. ‘I don’t get it.’ ‘What do you mean?’Collapse )
Hello !!!!

*hides* it's still not my report XD

I have done a few picspam and one wallpaper with a video and a few new icons

.picspam of Merlin - Merlin/Arthur and Queer as Folk - Brian / Justin
.wallpaper of Queer as Folk - Brian / Justin
.video of Queer as Folk - Brian / Justin
. icons of Merlin and Queer as Folk
follow the cut :)Collapse )


Fanvids and lots of icons

Hello !!!

I know I'm not posting regularly ... I'm still wirking on the report, having all the pics in it is quite a hell to achieve but I won't give up ;)

Anyway, I've been active in other areas like videos and fanarts ;)
videos and icons this way Collapse )

Title: I stopped to smell the Rose
Warning/Spoilers : episode 3x06

gif this wayCollapse )

It gets better

I know I'm late for Spirit Day but I think there shouldn't be just one day when you must be concerned and supportive, so here is my contribution:

video this wayCollapse )

Because I'm a shameless tease

I just started this new video and you know how a shameless tease I am so here are two little previews of my next Hot MerlinxArthur video
desire, want, lust ... it all starts here Collapse )

Lots of stuff XD

Helloooo !!!!!

First, I'm really sorry for not having written my other reports of my Merlin trip, not sure if you're still interested but as soon as I have time and motivation I'll do it ^^

In the mean time, I haven't exactly been passive lol
I've done a few new videos and discovered a new fandom that I fell in love with ^^
Everybody follow the cut ^^Collapse )

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